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Pracaxi Seed Oil

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I source my pracaxi seed oil from an indigenous Indian group that lives in the Amazon. The group collects the seeds from wild grown trees and never overharvests this natural resource.

Pracaxi oil is extremely rich in behenic acid which makes it an excellent anti fungal and anti bacterial oil for acne products, anti aging creams and balms for age spots and scars. In the Amazon the tribe uses the oil as an after sun oil but also as a hair oil to strengthen the follicles and prevent hair loss.

As very versatile oil that is cold pressed and unrefined.

Fresh batches arrive every 3 to 6 months.


All - well, almost - about me...

Want to know how I got into making skincare and cosmetics? Read all about it here: http://www.cebraethicalskincare.co.uk/about-me/

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Vegetarian Society Approval for Cebra ethical skincare!

I am immensely proud to announce the approval of my skincare, cosmetics and brushes range by the Vegetarian Society. All my products have been cruelty free since I founded my business in 2005 when cruelty free cosmetics were still few and far between.The range became vegan registered in 2010 and has now also been accepted [...]

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NEW: Amazonian Rainforest Oils and Butters

Pracaxi Seed Oil is back in stock! I am pleased to announce that I am working with a group of German biologists who are dedicated to saving a part of the Amazonian rainforest by purchasing land in Peru and working and supporting indigenous people and tribes. These tribes work in harmony with nature and only harvest as [...]

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Vegan? Cruelty Free? Of course!

I am really pleased to announce the endorsement of my brand - Cebra ethical skincare - by Peta and Naturewatch.There are strict, watertight regulations and checks before one can use their logos on ones website and labels. My product range has always been vegan and cruelty free and I am very happy that his has been [...]

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NEW: kosher, organic certified red raspberry seed oil batch

The new batch of organic red raspberry seed oil was cold pressed on 31st March 2016 in Germany. The berries are grown and harvested in Poland. The oil is unrefined. It is filtered to remove impurities (husks etc.).This oil is from controlled organic agriculture and certified organic by my supplier (control body DE-├ľKO-005). The oil [...]

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How is Shea Butter made?

This is where my organic certified shea butter is from - the Mavis Asigre women's co-operative. You can watch all 30 minutes of this video to get a good impression what hard work it is to produce shea butter. The new batch of my shea butter is not made with the traditional method of boiling [...]

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Potent eye cream recipe

Here is the recipe for my eye cream as mentioned on my Facebook page: Take 3.75 g of fluid lecithin 2.5 g of lupine protein 0.75 g of tripeptide-5 Mix well with 18 g of a good base cream (such as my Organic Shea Aloe Face Cream). Fill into a pump bottle or an airless container that you have disinfected beforehand [...]

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New product: African Black Soap Paste

A great new product is our African black soap paste. Very efficient and therefore long lasting, the paste can be used as is or make your own liquid soap by adding water. Further details: http://www.cebraethicalskincare.co.uk/african-black-soap-paste/

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