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MediPen vaporizer

CBD Oil from MediPen comes as a vaporizer with disposable cartridges (that can also be refilled if you are inclined to do so).

In my experience this is the best method of administering a high amount of CBD. Rather than leaving a bitter tasting oil under the tongue, the vapour can held held in your mouth where the CBD is taken up by the mucus membranes and delivered straight into your system.

MediPen has one of the highest CBD percentages per ml of oil. I found it to be the best CBD oil on the market and it comes in 17 flavours (including unflavoured). A cartridge lasts me well over 20 days and I like vanilla flavour the best.

My partner, who had a stroke 3 years ago and now suffers from shoulder pain as well as an irregular sleep pattern, also benefits from this oil. It has helped keeping his epilepsy at bay and he reports that the pain becomes more bearable by the week and also he seems to sleep better (which is a godsend for me too...).

The MediPen comes in a handy tin box. You unscrew the cartridge after use and place it in the foam holder in the tin. The battery is easy to charge, a USB charger is supplied. It has a long lifespan and I found it warms up the vapour quickly and efficiently without making the oil taste bitter.


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