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Your skin wants to be caressed

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Your skin is delicate. It reacts to maltreatment with anger. Redness, scaling, itching. Caused by cleansing with harsh products and too often, the use of abrasive peelings that are unsuitable for your skin type and moisturizers that draw water out of your skin instead of replenishing it. We have all done it and been there.

Once your skin starts to react, what can you do to get it back into tip top condition?

Obviously - stop cleansing it excessively. Don’t use fosming cleansers if your skin is very dry. Try an oil based cleanser or just some shea butter. Apply to your skin and remove with a hot cloth or a soft tissue. Once or maximum twice a day is enough. 

Stay away from peelings. No chemical peels, no abrasive peels. Give your skin cells the chance to renew before considering using a mild peeling agent. Ask your beautician about which product might be best for your skin, sometimes a hot cloth is all that is needed. 

During the cold winter months try a balm based on oils and butters rather than a moisturizer. Balms can keep moisture within the epidermis and build a thin layer of protection on your skin, depending on the ingredients.  Shea butter is exellent, marula oil works wonders, mafura butter and cupuacu butter can support your skin and bring it back to life.

In the evening apply a few drops of a pure oil. Pracaxi and argan oil are excellent serum oils and work well in combination or on their own. Shea oil is derived from shea nuts and in its refined form is an ideal massage and cleansing oil due to its excellent slip qualities. 

Follow the above suggestions and your skin will thank you for it. Treat your skin with kindness and it will thank you for it with a healthy glow and a smooth appearance.