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My Shea Butter

My unrefined shea butter is certified organic and comes from Ghana. The shea butter is produced by a local women's co-operative without the use of chemicials.

Because shea nuts are a natural product, the colour of the shea butter can vary. It can be anything from a creamy white colour to a darker beige colour - this does not mean the shea butter has "gone off". Unrefinded shea butter has an extremely long shelf life and its healing powers stay intact for at leat 18 months after production.

The fruit is collected from uncultivated trees, dried and expeller pressed. There is NO need to use hexane or chemicals to make unrefined shea butter and that is the way I prefer it.

Propeller extraction is where the shea nuts are pressed against a metal press (similar to a meat grinder). The nut is then squeezed out by pressure. the end product is fresh, raw, unrefined shea butter. This method is now widely used by Ghanese women co-ops, simply because it cuts down on time, helps them to be more organized and produce more shea butter without the need for chemicals. I buy shea butter that is produced in this way as I find that the traditional method (boiling the nuts) sometimes makes the butter more expensive to buy in and I cannot get hold of enough butter to sell on.

Unrefined shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E and F amongst others. It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. It moisturises and protects skin and hair and is great for getting over-treated hair back into shape and health. It does not clog pores or hair shafts. It maintains skin moisture beautifully. It penetrates deep into the skin and helps to maintain its elasticity. It keeps your skin clear and smooth and helps to soothe skin and scalp irritations. In short - its benefits are endless....

You can apply a little shea butter to your hair before swimming which helps to protect it from chlorine and salt water. Shampoo and condition you hair right away after swimming and apply raw shea butter in small amunts at least once a week (shampoo after 30 - 60 minutes) to keep your hair's lustre and shine.

Raw shea butter is also great for shaving. Best time to use it is in the morning after a shower or bath. Apply a little butter BEFORE you shower to soften the area. Then use a sharp razor with at least two blades and if possible a moveable head. Unrefined shea butter can help to reduce stretch marks and dark spots. Use if together with your sunscreen to prevent peeling and to give you a more even tan. You can add a small teaspoon of raw shea butter to your hot bath to soften your skin and help you relax. Or add a teaspoon of raw shea butter to a foot bath after buffing your heels and toes. Soak your feet for 10 minutes, towel dry and massage in a generous amount of raw shea butter - you will find that the skin on your feet is transformed in no time. Shea butter is also great for dry, chapped hands and keeps the skin soft and supple which is especially useful for people working a lot with water and chemicals (hair dressers for example and nurses).

Keep raw shea butter out of hot areas and in a cool dark place so it doesn't melt and stay fresh for longer.